Langtang Area Conservation Concern Society
लाङटाङ क्षेत्र संरक्षण सरोकार समाज
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LACCoS is grateful to the many partners who have joined hands to extend program interventions. Since its establishment in 2007, LACCoS has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of partners, including individuals, communities, organizations, and departments. These partners have provided financial support for various projects, as well as technical assistance to help LACCoS build its capacity.

Some of LACCoS's key partners include:

  • The beneficiary community: The people who live in the areas where LACCoS works are essential partners in the organization's work. They provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing their communities, and they are also the beneficiaries of LACCoS's programs.
  • Line departments: Line departments are government agencies that have responsibility for different aspects of development, such as forestry, agriculture, and education. LACCoS works closely with line departments to ensure that its programs are aligned with government priorities and that they have the best possible chance of success.
  • National and international donors: LACCoS receives financial support from a variety of national and international donors. These donors help to fund LACCoS's programs and to build the organization's capacity.
  • Provincial governments: LACCoS works with provincial governments to ensure that its programs are aligned with provincial priorities and that they are implemented in a way that is respectful of local cultures and traditions.
  • Other key stakeholders: LACCoS also works with other key stakeholders, such as nongovernmental organizations, businesses, and educational institutions. These stakeholders provide valuable support to LACCoS's work in a variety of ways

These partnerships are essential to LACCoS's ability to achieve its mission. They provide financial and technical support, as well as valuable insights and expertise. LACCoS is grateful to all of its partners for their continued support

Major Partner Organization

  • District Coordination Commettee, Rasuwa
  • Rural Municipalities
  • District Government Authorities
  • Langtang National Park, Dhunche
  • WWF Nepal, Kathmandu
  • Save the Children
  • CARE Nepal
  • Chaya- Nepal
  • Resource Himalayan Foundation
  • ACF Nepal
  • ECARDS Nepal

Coordinating Agencies

  • Buffer Zone User Committees of Langtang National Park
  • Gosainkunda Region Development Committee, Dhunche
  • Langtang Pollution Control Committee (LPCC)
  • WARD offices of Woring Area
  • Youth Network for Social and Environmental Development (YONSED), Kathmandu


  • Co-DLSA of DDMC, Rasuwa
  • Member of NGO federation
  • Member of Climate Action Network South Asia(CANSA) - request applied
  • Member of Mountain Partnership
  • Zero Waste Himalaya Initiation in Langtang National Park
  • National Volunteer Program of Government of Nepal
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Dhunche, Nepal